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Every target-driven organisation sets itself a 5 year goal. When Keith Bolton and Jill Baker created Core IHS, they had to offer a better and more noticeable alternative for healthcare procurement teams to identify with and value. Why?

In short, demand. A holistic solution was required to satisfy the market.

Buyers need the same level of care, or sometimes even more, as their investment in a healthcare solution reaches end of life. A new approach offering more than a sales-focussed mindset was needed.

The life span of equipment must be matched with an equally set amount of commitment.

Core IHS has been established to be such a recognised brand with a workforce of respected specialties and disciplines. The international player that leading technologists, scientists, organisations and manufacturers want to work with is one who champions innovation, change and continuous improvement. A brand synonymous with quality, service, integrity and value.

Core IHS has set a course to be a highly digitally advanced integrated healthcare provider in the marketplace in its 5-year mission. Ensuring it is the first port of call when an integrated solution is needed. 3D fly-throughs and market-leading sales materials, training, after-care and support will be accessible, usable and flexible to existing and new customers.

The digital vision begins collectively with the needs of the customers. Building modular systems into CAD systems such as REVIT which automatically outputs a buying list/BOM for a QS and BIM system is one such target. To include all protocol and methodology for a fully integrated system means the architect practice just drags/drops Core IHS into their very build for a new healthcare property. They know they have the best technology, price and service. They also know that these values are constantly being challenged, developed and improved. There is no room for complacency, error or latency.

Offering key products/services such as physical equipment sales, total integrated solutions, maintenance and consumable servicing, preventive and breakdown repair, extended warranty packages, etc., a full spectrum of specialities is available.

But, how do these products/services solve people’s problems? Through peace of mind, improved results, higher throughput, additional spending power, value for money, a happier workforce, staff retention, etc.

So, what is the Core IHS USP? How is this brand unique from its competitors?

Most importantly, aftercare, scrappage schemes, buy-back and offering full redundancy on all installations. Then, there’s the ergonomics for users (Need to know more? Ask!), multi-purpose solutions, modular packages, micro-selling, soft furnishings, bespoke solutions, etc.

It’s different, exciting and it’s here to make a big difference.

coreihs.co.uk | 0800 488 0116 | keith@coreihs.co.uk

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  1. Digital Blanket Reply

    Hi, Core IHS.

    We are really pleased there’s a new integrated healthcare solution provider in the marketplace! Offering better lead time to delivery with prices set at a lower rate to other suppliers, your value proposition is excellent!

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