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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) requires that equipment used to deliver care and treatment in healthcare premises is “clean, suitable for the intended purpose, maintained, stored securely and used properly.” In a busy operating theatre, it may be difficult to find the time or opportunity to look for potentially dangerous signs of wear in equipment that is constantly in use.  Core IHS, formed to support hospitals meet the highest standards of patient care, works with theatre staff to ensure theatre equipment is properly maintained, and eases the pressure on facilities by preparing them for CQC inspections as well as ensuring compliance with NatSSIP and LocSSIP Standards for Invasive Procedures.  Regular maintenance means equipment lasts longer, works better and keeps theatres running as efficiently as possible, avoiding the downtime that can lead to disruption of theatre lists.


The Core IHS Team

Core IHS is committed to sustainability and continuous improvement and will always aim to repair and refurbish rather than condemn and replace. The audit team will visit the operating theatre at any time that suits the hospital, and carry out an extensive audit and stock check of all patient positioning devices, soft furnishings and metalwork.  Damaged equipment will be removed for fast repair with loan items provided.  If anything needs to be replaced, Core IHS can order replacements immediately.  The service Core IHS offers is the quickest and most efficient solution to maintaining operating theatre equipment, delivered by a team experienced in working in the healthcare environment.


Soft Furnishings and Metalwork

NHS England has stated that approximately 300,000 patients a year in England are affected by a Healthcare-Associated Infection (HCAI) as a result of care within the NHS, costing the health service millions of pounds.  Tears to soft furnishings in the operating theatre create the ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive.  Small holes or rips in mattresses may allow blood and bodily fluids to penetrate the mattress, putting future patients at risk of infection.  Stainless steel furnishing such as stools, steps and clamps also need to be kept in the best condition if they are to work properly.


Patient Safety

The audit team can also advise on ways to enhance staff and patient safety in the operating theatre and provide solutions if required.  From reducing cable trail to providing innovative medical storage solutions, Core IHS offers a wide range of options that can make the theatre a safer and more efficient environment, including a unique “accessory pod”. The company also has a wide portfolio of patient positioning devices, beds and lights.


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