26-inch Monitor

FSN P2601D


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  • The FS-P2601D features everything needed for displaying high definition medical images. It uses an LED backlight system that operates at lower temperatures, and allows for a thinner, lighter weight housing profile design.

  • General Features

    Item Description
    Panel 26 inch TFT LCD (IPS)
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
    Input Signal 1 x DVI‐D 1
    1 x DVI‐D 2 (Optional, Fiber DVI receiver DDL‐Rx, DSP‐Rx, DSL‐Rx detachable)
    1 x D‐SUB
    1 x BNC (SD/HD/3G‐SDI)
    1 x BNC (CVBS)
    2 x BNC (SVHS Y/C)
    5 x BNC (Component Y/G, Pb/B, Pr/R, H/CS,VS Input)
    Touch (Optional) (Note: Depth and Weight will increase)
    GPIO Port SWAP, PIP / PBP1 / PBP2 Select, Record Indicator
    Output Signal 1 x DVI-D & 1 X BNC (SD/HD/3G-SDI)
    Power Supply AC / CD Adapter (AC 100~240V, DC 24V 6.25A)
    Control Key Power, Menu, PIP, Up, Down, Plus, Minus, Input
    Unit Dimension 638 (W) X 389 (H) X 74.7 (D) 81.7 (D-TOUCH) mm
    25.12 (W) X 15.32 (H) X 2.94 (D) 3.22 (D-TOUCH) inch
    Average Brightness 450
    Response Time (G-to-G) 8 ms (avg.)
    Viewing Angle (CR>10) R/L 178, U/D 178
    Weight 7.6 kg, 16.8 lbs
    Contrast Ratio 1400:1 Typical
    Pixel Pitch 0.3 X 0.3
  • http://fsnmed.com/products/26-model-fs-p2601d