The Next Generation of Patient Positioners

Just as the gel and foam devices of yesteryear represented an important revolutionary transition away from sand filled positioners, the EVOLUTION® range of patient positioners represents the next important technological leap forward. Core IHS’s product portfolio and services are designed to offer sustainability and continuous improvement, and subsequently better patient outcomes.

The EVOLUTION® ranges offers:

  • Revolutionary product and continuous improvement
  • Body-shaped design
  • Advanced patient positioning
  • Relief from pressure, friction and moisture
  • Reduced risk of decubitus ulcers
  • Burst and tear resistant
  • Improved infection control
  • Easily cleaned
  • 2-year warranty

Pressure Mapping Results

The results of pressure mapping tests prove that EVOLUTION® patient positioners are far superior to standard gel positioners, providing:

  • Zero pressure on bony prominences
  • Smoother contoured surfaces for maximum patient immersion
  • Patient stability on the OR table
  • Concave base that aids self-adjusting motion for allow circulation and maintaining normothermia
  • Non-slip base that grips to the operating table mattress
  • Minimum influence on blood circulation
  • Low friction and sheer forces on skin surface
  • Robust design and simple handling features
  • Easy to use and clean strapping system, with no more unhygienic fasteners

Cost Efficient

Consider current spend on gels, pressure sore treatment and consumables, and quantify clinicians’ time spent treating such patient outcomes – once this has been identified, Core IHS can advise on product requirements and associated costs for EVOLUTION® Patient Positioners, with their raft of associated benefits.