core touch core airCore Touch is a holistic perspective on all physical entities which can harbour, carry and even provide the environment for disease to grow or infection to spread.

Core IHS provides the consumables and physical solutions to prevent the spread of infection. The Core Audit helps towards meeting the national CQC regulations. By identifying potential infection risks, Core IHS are able to assist in implementing a number of effective infection prevention measures. These measures have the ability to enhance both patient and staff experience.

An estimated 300,000 healthcare associated infections occur in NHS hospitals each year, costing the NHS a minimum of £1 billion annually.

Through assessing, repairing and replacing physical elements from IV stands, to gels, stools to soft furnishings, Core’s audit ensures cleanable surfaces with a massively reduced risk to carrying infection.


As the official UK distributor for the Genano range, Core has a market-leading set of products for small to large medical settings.

Core Genano Range

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