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  • The superior performance of Genano Technology® is based on a patented method for purification, which captures particles down to nanosize, eliminates and kills microbes, and removes gases and odours.

    Genano Technology can remove particles down to nanometre size (1 nm = one millionth of a millimetre) from indoor air, unmatched by any other air purifying technology.

    The powerful voltage inside the unit eliminates microbes, such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeast. Competitive devices based on fibre filters only collect these pathogens, and in the presence of heat and moisture may pose a great risk by releasing microbes or microbial toxins.

    Genano is a durable, economical solution with low need for maintenance.

    PICTURE: A corridor installation where several Genano® Tube XS air purifiers are used together for optimal results.


    PDF: Genano Tube XS Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

  • 120-spec

  • Genano XS has versatile settings designed for hospital use.

    • User rights can be controlled so that users cannot access the settings.
    • Continuous step-less speed setting makes the unit a suitable choice for various spaces.
    • Weekly program takes care of needed changes in air supply, according to your needs.
    • Default language is English – with many other language options available.
    • Adjustable step-less speed control Weekly program
    • User right control