audit button keyboardAs the demand on the NHS and the private healthcare sector increases, so does the need for high quality cost effective theatre products. Here at Core Integrated Healthcare Solutions, we strive to maintain the quality of theatre equipment, whilst looking at solutions to improve the whole patient and staff experience. Core Integrated Healthcare Solutions is currently looking to develop Its theatre audits to include:

  • Soft Furnishings
  • Medical Equipment
  • Theatre Storage Solutions

Core has set a genuine attempt to reduce HAI’s and eradicate risks such as “Cable Trail.”

By allowing Core IHS to ‘CORE audit’ your theatre equipment, you will significantly help towards meeting the national CQC regulations. By identifying potential infection risks, Core IHS are able to assist in implementing a number of effective infection prevention measures. These measures have the ability to enhance both patient and staff experience.

“It’s estimated that there are over 300,000 healthcare associated infections in hospitals each year, costing the NHS at least £1 billion annually.”

Nice Clinical Guidelines 139, March 2012

For example, an IV stand with multiple mains leads increases the risk of “Trip Hazards”. This could be minimised by implementing our IV Extension Lead into both the Operating Theatres and Anaesthetic Rooms.

infection control soft furnishings