Stirrup boot liners

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  • These stirrup boot liners are made in the UK. They also give an even spread of pressure. We can repair and refurbish many existing products you may be working with.

  • These products are/have:

    • Waterproof
    • Breathable
    • Anti-microbial membrane fabric with multi-stretch
    • Reinforced Velcro fasteners
    • Thick composite memory foam padding layer
    • Hightly robust shell fabric
    • Can be manufactured for any stirrup design


    Before: Worn cover with sewn seam. Allows fluid ingress into the seam and inner pad, harbouring bacteria and preventing effective cleaning.
    After: Our replacement covers have welded seams. They are waterproof, yet breathable, with multi-stretch – this solution aids cleaning and it vastly improves infection control.