10 Reasons to consider CORE IHS

  1. Cost: We offer the lowest prices or price match with lowest competitor on all products
  2. Innovation: Every product and service we supply is cutting edge and an improvement on market standard solutions
  3. Customer Service: We only sell what you need and
  4. Lifetime Loyalty: We look after what you’ve bought throughout its life cycle and ensure it delivers maximum returns time and time again
  5. Risk Assessment: We provide a full risk assessment for all products and services for you to add into your existing documentation
  6. Method Statements: We provide a full method statements for all products and services for you to add into your existing documentation
  7. Improved Outcomes: All our products and services deliver beyond the efficacy expectations for patient outcomes and comfort (you can call any time to learn how this can revolutionise your systems and methodologies
  8. Extended Warranties: Core beats all warranties for products such as operating tables by ensuring standard warranties are extended by 2 years or more at no extra cost
  9. Repair: Core greatly extends the life span of your products through on-site repair on all equipment, and off-site repair for re-covering soft furnishing products. This saves hospitals tens of thousands of pounds every year
  10. Audit: Core audits your fixed, moveable and consumable products, equipment and stock to analyse if better practice can be employed, better technology to reduce time, failure, cost and outcomes. A simple traffic light system is used to identify each item’s status and it is listed in an app database for you to access and make decisions quickly and easily with. Core’s AUDIT service is free to all new and existing customers!

With all this extra service and attention to your needs and budgets, take the CORE test today! Try us and see the speed and difference we will deliver to you for less!