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  • Revolutionary
  • Body Shaped Design
  • Advanced Patient Positioning Relieves Pressure
  • Friction & Moisture Cuts Risk of Decubitus Ulcers
  • Burst & Tear Resistant
  • Easily Cleaned

The Evolution range solution Core provides uses specially-formulated materials and a patented ergonomic design to produce an advanced positioning and pressure care product. This is the first and the only product on the market that provides clinically backed ZERO PRESSURE during surgery.

The market equivalents are slower to warm up if used under the same room temperature conditions as EVOLUTION Patient Positioner.

Some of the highlights from the information sheets (Links below):
Enhanced Head Stability and Patient Safety
Enhanced Head Stability and Patient Safety
  • The pillow does not allow air ventilation hence increasing the skin temperature at the occipital bone.
  • As the Patient Positioners were specifically designed to prevent skin maceration around the bony prominence of the head, this area is exposed to normal room temperature, so high levels of moisture do not accumulate causing skin damage.
  • Using a standard pillow, Occipital Area perfusion levels took less than 10 minutes to equilibrate back to baseline levels after an initial peak of 600 P.U.
  • Only Core’s Patient Positioner Style 2 readout correlates with baseline level perfusion levels from beginning to end, where a perfusion level of less than 200 P.U. was maintained throughout the entire trial period.
  • An independent study (conducted at the University of Limerick, Ireland), concluded that the Evolution product produced minimal perfusion in the Occipital Area producing a readout similar to the base line. The gel took a full 20 minutes and the standard pillow took 10 minutes to achieve a baseline readout.


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